Developing Energy Resources
for Emerging Markets

Covalent Energy International, Inc. (“Covalent Energy” or “Covalent”) is a project development and finance company engaged in the energy sector, with a focused approach on low risk exploitation of energy resources and power production within emerging markets. At the project level, Covalent serves as manager, operator, and lead technical partner to joint ventures that implement commercial energy projects, with an emphasis on production and utilization of natural gas from unconventional resources. Covalent Energy is involved in CBM/CMM development programs in Turkey and Botswana, and is actively pursuing additional ventures in the Black Sea region and the Southern African region; and Covalent is reviewing similar opportunities in South America and Asia.

Covalent Energy is a shareholder in entities that are established in each country where projects are developed and operated (the “Project Companies”). Covalent is active in the management and oversight of each Project Company, including the development, finance, and operations of the projects; and delivers technical services to the Project Companies.


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